Apocalypse Rising by Infinity Bunce & Jonny “Itch” Fox

Date: 09/05/19 to the 05/06/19
Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

This exhibition contains paintings , prints from infinity Bunce and a collaboration work with Jonny “Itch” Fox the vocalist from The King Blues.

The new pieces of art work are a mix of lyrical punk with an art fusion made by urban artist Infinity Bunce and vocalist Itch from The King Blues – a British punk band with a mix of hip-hop and poetry. Itch’s music has a raw sense of humour and social commentary while infinity’s work also projects humour and social and ethical injustices. Through the medium of everyday objects such as household paint on MDF, spray cans and marks, both artists encompass the use of the DIY “kitchen sink” art.

Infinity and Itch have created music and art with text and both artists use poetry- sometimes simple, sometimes complex- to project thought provoking emotions and to bring the audience into a new world. Using overlooked points of history their work also highlights some forgotten yet vital moments of class struggle. If we’ve collectively taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way, Infinity and Itch hope to back track and then forge a new path.

Infinity has been dipping in and out of the use of words in Art for years added statements such as the provocative, “Give me your sperm.”

While Itch has written protest songs which include lines such as, “Going to war to prevent war was the most stupid thing I ever heard.”

What binds these artists together is their uncompromisingly honest approach to their work which is both pure and raw. Through art, music & poetry they have built a world where the underdog is championed, the ordinary celebrated and the ostracised become heroic. These strong individuals are now collaborating together to create art that has a strong social and political meaning. Part of this collaboration will be showing here at REDHOUSE Cymru as part of the Merthyr Rising festival. Expect an exciting meeting of painting & poetry.

This is a fusion that will have an eclectic mix of two creative minds from different processes coming together as one to shout out for justice. Their rallying against social, political and ethical wrongdoings will be echoed in the work.  This juxtaposition of art is not to be missed!





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