Peeling by Taking Flight Theatre Company

Date: 13/03/19
Time: 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

In shadow, never centre stage, 3 performers await their brief moment in the light. But who would want to explore these bodies? Who will receive their stories? Their words have been buried in dust, through the long corridor of time. We unearth them here. We hear them echo in the darkness.

This city will fall.

Alfa, Beattie and Coral wait… wait while once more the action plays out elsewhere. Once more they form the chorus to someone else’s lead.

But… this city will fall.

With interwoven BSL, live audio description and English captions at every show, peeling will challenge audiences to experience theatre afresh. Whose stories do we tell? And who will be there to bear witness?

Taking Flight Theatre Company co-produced with The Riverfront and Chapter
peeling by Kaite O’Reilly
Always the extra, never the star.
Creative Team
Director: Elise Davison
Assistant Director: Hannah Treadaway
Designer: Becky Davies
Composer: Tic Ashfield
Lighting Designer & Production Manager: Jane Lalljee
Stage Manager: Kirstie Evans
ASM: Jenny Howes
Costume Maker: Angharad Gamble
Creative Producer: Beth House
Graphic Design: Kirsten McTernan
Poster Photography: Claire Cousin
BSL translation consultant: Jean St Clair
Performers: Stephanie Lacey, Ruth Curtis, Bea Webster and Erin Hutching
Marketing & Communications: Rachel Kinchin
Trailer and Teaser film makers & production shots: Raquel Garcia & Janire Najera

Funded by The Arts Council of Wales, The Arts Council of England, Ty Cerdd, Birkdale Trust.

Audience Quotes from past productions

“With Taking Flight accessibility is the norm, a standard that should be set as an example to theatre everywhere. “ Deaf audience member

“This performance was inspired, immersive and immensely funny”. Bethan May Books, The Tempest 2017

“Taking Flight is a company which has taken the idea of inclusivity in terms of artists and audiences with hearing impairments and other disabilities and run with it as an essential element of its aesthetic rather than a mere box-ticking exercise.” BritishTheatre.net

The inimitable @takingflightco continue 2 change my life one show at a time! I’m deeply in love! Audience tweet

“We were hoping for something different and were met with something extraordinary.” Audience member via facebook

“I hope you really know how extraordinary your work is…I have been to see some “inclusive” performances and what you do puts them all in the shade.” Teacher accompanying school group

Ticket price: £7

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