returntotheABSTRACT: Robert Alwyn Hughes

Date: 27/02/17 to the 15/04/17
Time: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

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New exhibition by renowned artist, originally from Dowlais Top, Robert Alwyn Hughes.

The artist Robert Alwyn Hughes will be in residence to chat about his work on Friday 3rd March, 2-5pm.

‘Para Sola’ Black Box – a structure studying the concept of the Fourth dimension.
An attempt to create with light and colour a series of images that change immediately. A kind of Holographic form, intirely intangible, other than to one’s occular senses. Resulting in a combination of shapes and colours within a physical space.

Construction : 1970s.
The Black Box was exhibited during the 1970s at the Grosvenor Gallery London. But it was not until 2006 that the series of works entitled ‘BLADES’ materialised.
Inspired by the discovery of some transparencies which had been thought to have been lost. Hughes decided to produce a series of prints, paintings and structures in an attempt to produce a series of images.
The result became an extension of the original structure in a more tangible form.
Addressing the gap between imaginary space and real space.

2015 – To celebrate 80 years – work began on the concept return to the ABSTRACT
Once again re-inventing the ideas formulated by the ‘Para Sola – Black Box’ of the 70’s.
The process proved to be interesting. and new prints and large paintings, together with short films were worked on. The idea, now, was to create by the projection of images in a darkened environment, a physical space in which the viewer is encompassed – a kind of Holographic experience.

‘PARA’ shapes formed by rotation,
– the image is rotated around a vertcal axis passing through it’s centre.
Images are projected and the central fugal-force induced shape is a concave paraboloid


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