Ken Elias: Paintings

A Celebration of Welsh Contemporary Painting: KEN ELIAS: Paintings 

(In memory of Pete Goodridge)

Concluding this year’s exhibitions for the inaugural Celebration of Welsh Contemporary Painting, Redhouse welcomes a local valleys’ artist from Glynneath with a national profile, Ken Elias.

Ken Elias holds a significant place in the history of Welsh painting. In 2009 The National Museum of Wales showed a retrospective of Ken Elias’s work that celebrated 40 years of his work as an artist, and launched the publication of; Ken Elias: Thin Partitions (Seren). This book will be on sale at Redhouse during the exhibition.

In 2013 his work was included in their major exhibition of that year, entitled Pop and Abstract. Ken Elias’s work was shown alongside that of David Hockney, Peter Blake, Allen Jones, Bridget Riley and others.

The artist and writer Dr Ceri Thomas has written:-

“Born in 1944, into a working-class family in Glynneath, Ken Elias’s childhood was formed during the 1950s. He attended art school in the 1960s, during the height of the Pop Art movement in the UK.

Using acrylic paint, photomontage and mixed media, Ken Elias creates powerful, striking images, with strong shapes and contrasting colours. Influenced by the memories of family and cinema during his 1950s childhood and his love of poetry and art, his work uses memory and imagination, responding to and drawing inspiration from global issues and currents, while also being strongly rooted in the visual language of the south Wales valleys.”

The exhibition will be launched on 26th August, at 2pm, with the artist present. All welcome.

At 2pm on the 16th of September Ken Elias will give an illustrated talk in the Redhouse Gallery. He will discuss his life and work as an artist living in Glynneath. On the same day the Global Village festival will take place outside Redhouse in Penderyn Square. A celebration of diversity, with music, dance and other art forms from across the world. Ken Elias’s talk is part of that diversity.

Gus Payne

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